The beauty of emotions

Place this scenario in your head: You wake up in the morning feeling nice and fresh, you get right our of bed and head to the kitchen to make breakfast, once you finish you sit down on your dinning table and start eating. You take your first bite of your raisin toast, sip your coffee, take another bite of your raisin toast and sip your coffee once again. 

You’re so busy enjoying your breakfast until you start looking around the room. The table is empty… The whole house is empty and you start to feel alone. You pick up your phone to text some friends, some loved ones. You go through your contacts and theres not one person you feel like talking to. 

No one you feel referring to as a friend, a bro, your darling. 

You get up, tuck your chair in and head back to bed. Feeling all alone, you close your eyes and fall asleep. 

Mar 06 20:12